Until I am Reminded

The irritating buzz of the alarm pierced through the early morning darkness. Two-thirty again already, but I could have sworn my head just hit the pillow! I reached to shut it off, only barely fighting off a powerful urge to hit the snooze button.  I knew I was already pushing it. I had to be on the job before four.  That left only just enough time for my morning routine and drive time.  Grudgingly I rolled out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

“Why Lord?” I silently murmured.

The blast of frosty air was like a slap in the face as I opened the back door and headed for the truck. I cringed at the thought of another bone-chilling day working in the metal building, we all called “the barn.” The place was like a huge ice-box, the concrete slab floor and the un-insulated walls made it colder inside than out most of the time!

“Why Lord?” I silently murmured.

The boards were cupped and twisted. I was supposed to make a decent looking cabinet with this material, what were they thinking! It would take hours of tedious straightening and sanding, nothing made a twelve hour day drag by more slowly.

“Why Lord?” I silently murmured.

The clocks seemingly motionless hands finally pushed their way to four o’clock, quitting time! It was Friday, payday, but hardly a reason to smile. Bills were due and I’d be doing good if I had enough spare change left to buy me a coke and candy bar on the way home!

“Why Lord?” I silently murmured.

I put on a brave happy face as I trudged up the steps and opened the front door.  There stood the “love of my life”, waiting with a warm, tender, embrace and a loving kiss, only to be interrupted by  the joyous shout of , “Daddy!…Daddy!” as our little girl ran toward me with outstretched arms.

“This is why,” came the gentle reminder.

As we knelt to pray that evening, my wife said, “Don’t forget to pray for Brother Richard, He hasn’t been able to find a job yet and we might need to see if they need some groceries or anything.”

“This is why, “came the gentle reminder.

It was great to be back in the Lord’s house again. Nothing encouraged me more than the great fellowship, singing and the of course the preaching. What a blessing! It was offering time and the pastor reminded us of the needs of the ministry and how God said that He loved a cheerful giver.

“This is why,” came the gentle reminder.

I knelt there at the altar, thanking the Lord for being so good to me and once again reminding me of why instead of grumbling, I should be praising for the blessing of working for Him.


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