Life Changing Decisions, Where Will They Lead

Life Changing Decisions, Where Will They Lead


Have you ever thought about the fact that every decision you make is life changing? There are of course those that have a greater effect on our lives than others, none the less from the largest to the smallest all of our decisions are life changing. Stop and think about it for a moment and I’m sure you will see what I mean.

What you are doing at this very minute is a result of a decision you made at some point in the past. Regardless of whether it was planned or spontaneous, whether it resulted in you spending the evening watching TV or putting you on a trip around the world, you made this life changing decision.

Where we are in our lives right now is a direct result of the decisions we have made in our life time.  Our spouse, our career, where we live, what we live in, what kind of car we drive, who our friends are,  where we go to church, if we go to church and the list goes on and on.

Our pastor has been preaching a series of messages on the Doctrine of Stewardship and until now I have always associated stewardship with using your finances wisely.  I am learning however, that in its’ fullest sense it is much more. God commands us to be a good steward over all He has given us.

Therefore, since every decision we make is life changing, then God expects us to be good stewards of those decisions. It makes me cringe as I look back at some of the choices I’ve made over the years. I have at best been very unwise at times. I’m sure you can probably spot a few blemishes in your past as well. Thanks be to God, He is merciful, longsuffering and very, very patient.

The question is, what kind of life changing decisions will we make today? And how can we ensure that those choices will be ones which will be pleasing our heavenly Father? According to the scriptures, it is the Lord we have to answer to, not our friends, family or acquaintances.  Therefore our desire first and foremost ought to be to please Him.

I believe there are some very simple guidelines we can follow to help us in each and every decision we make. Mind you I said, “Simple” which does not mean the same thing as “easy.” One of our problems is that we want everything to be “easy,” but God has a different plan.  It is a plan that will indeed be life changing! The question for all of us is: “Am I ready and willing to put God’s plan into action in my life”?

If you are interested and willing we will learn from God’s Word how to make good and right life changing decisions that will honor and glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


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