Working with Children is an Art

Today’s rush in society gives little hope to properly working with children. Who has time for training children? We are always in a hurry; work, sports, even everyday life, and more times than not, our children are simply being left to themselves. They are not being properly trained in the basic knowledge they need to carry them into adulthood. The Bible states, “A child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame.”

Working with children is an art form to which we must apply ourselves carefully and patiently, just as the artist, who after giving much thought and careful attention to every detail of his work, is able to take much pride in his finished masterpiece.

Time, is of a necessity when it comes to working with children. Children need our time! They need us to teach them how to act, to react, to help others, to give, to show love, and one day care for a family of their own.

Take the time to talk to them, notice them, listen to them, love them, and train them with patience. The masterpiece you produce will one day make you an artist who can admire and appreciate your completed work. When working with children, they need you to take them through each new thing, step by step.  And though it may be challenging to them, with your patient training and loving encouragement, they can and will succeed.

Working with children in this manner, instead of the average “I told you so,” mentality; will result in a child willing to do the task which is set before them without having begrudging feelings. Then, as they later face the challenges that life brings, they will respond in a positive manner.

A child is given to us to mold. We must acknowledge that this clay has been placed in our hands by our blessed Creator. And just as the paint comes from its maker, and is applied with patience, wisdom, and careful attention to create a work of art. So the parent fashions the clay with hands of sincere love, compassion and conviction, using the wisdom from above to create a wonderful masterpiece.

Working with children is an art and everyday those around you can see the fine details of your patient work, but the finished product is what truly tells the tale. Will the world see the glory of the rare beauty of a godly character on daily display from our adult children?  Or will they see the misery of the marred, misshapen reminder of the life that could have been?


By Shanda Prentice


One thought on “Working with Children is an Art

  1. Robbie says:

    Great article!

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